It seemed like a good deal at the time, but as your eyes go over the address that was sent to your eranNet device, you start having second thoughts. Orthrem District is known for being one of the worst places to be, and that's where you are to present in the morning. Further down you find a reminder of the duration of your sentence: 8d, 12h. Eight days and twelve hours of being stuck in a machine, in the middle of one of the most obscure and crime-ridden parts of the station, at the mercy of any passerby looking to blow off some steam. The thought terrifies you, but deep down you also feel a tingle of excitement. You've done some depraved shit before, but this is something else entirely. Will you last the duration of your sentence?

/!\ This story contains sexual content /!\

(you will find a content warning at the start of the game)

I will be holding two raffles shortly after the initial release of this update, and will be doing more in the future. These raffles will be held on Furaffinity and on the Discord Server for my two games, so be sure to follow me there. They will give you the opportunity to have your character in-game as a random encounter.

Development log


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missing image expect that everything is perfect




Wait for more :D

shouldn't be too long now... ;)


Really really good so far! Going to be keeping an eye on this!

The only issue is the text appearing after a delay instead of by a link, but in other comments you've said you're already gonna fix it!

Good job and keep up the good work!

(1 edit) (+3)

I just wanted to mention, everytime I finished reading, the text would show up like right after i finished the last word, and let me tell you that was trippy as heck. I kept trying to see if i would beat the time, but it was always exactly at the moment i would finish. Are you sure you don't have some high tech software that can identify when someone is done reading? haha

I have reached the end. I am disappointed, but it was so well made, i almost felt like i was there! 

Haha thank you! Don't worry, I'm working on the next version (although I've had very little time lately).

And I guess we both read at the same speed, as I tried to time it based on my reading speed. From what I gather, most people read faster, and that was very frustrating for others. I've fixed this, now most text appears after clicking a link, or after 2 seconds.


I think maybe adding (if you can) a setting for that? Maybe a fast, medium and slow type thing? Don't worry to much! I would rather wait for an excellent produce then have one that isn't at it's full potential!

Also I hope you stay healthy and safe!


I can speed read, so the rate that the text showed up at was downright painful. I spent the vast majority of the time just waiting for the text to keep going, so I had to stop playing.

Haha sorry for that, this is already fixed in the version I'm working on!


great concept, great writing, only thing that is slightly bad is the fact that the fact the text doesn't show up immediately, if you're a fast reader or if you're replaying just to get the other random encounters it's painful waiting for text to advance, other than that it's amazing, would love it if you built onto this and added maybe options and branching routes. 

(1 edit) (+3)

yeah i agree with Novugames, the auto-pacing is painfully slow if you are a fast reader. cant wait for the next update. otherwise  the game seems to be quite interesting.


Damm!! This was some detailing!! 

Do you plan to make a sci-fi version of Crucible of Xes ?

Or any romantic dating type sex game ?

(1 edit)

I think I'll stick to these two games for now, Crucible of Xes is already a pretty large-scale project so I'm not sure it would be good to try and make something of the same scale while I'm still working on it.


It looks good so far but the auto-text pacing is really slow and it'd be nice if there were arrows or something so i could control how fast i'm reading through it.


Yeah someone pointed that out as well. Next update I'll try to have at least one clickable link per paragraph instead of it choosing the pace for you

Looks promissing, though I really am not into BDSM. Is there a way to avoid it?


Haha, BDSM and public use are the two main themes of the game, so I'm afraid not ^^

You could try my other game Crucible of Xes, there isn't any BDSM content in there yet (and if you want there is also a full content warning at the start of the game!)

Thank you nonetheless!

Didn't that game had sexual violence? 

(1 edit) (+1)

It does, yes; the sex is mildly/not-as-mildly forced upon you. But there are quite a few other games on that you could play, in the event that you're not OK with the concepts in either of Yoll's games.

Oh, I was just curious to know.

What NotSoSecretGay said.

I understand a lot of the content in my games might make people uncomfortable, hence the content warnings. In the future I'd like to add an option to toggle certain fetishes on/off, but even then the main themes of the games will remain.