Hi, my name is Yoll, this is my text adventure (or interactive fiction) game, "Crucible of Xes". I am making it using Twine, a free program you can find at https://twinery.org/

/!\ Be warned that this game involves physical and sexual violence /!\

The goal is to progress through the different portals, each pitting you against stronger foes which you'll have to defeat. In each fight you will have to use abilities, spells, items and cunning to avoid getting fucked.

When you win a combat, you will receive some loot and you will be able to progress further. But don't worry, losing a fight isn't a bad thing: you will be allowed to upgrade one of your stats and come back stronger! That is, if you can still walk straight...

There are many ways to win fights, so pay attention to what is happening and show those monsters who the real alpha is!

This game is still in early development, so please let me know what you think of it in the comments, or by filling this Feedback Survey I made. You can also join the Discord server if you want to see some behind-the-scenes, send some suggestions or just hang out!


Development log


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i feel like the option submit is kind of meaningless because if you submit, the only thing you can do next is struggle, which is kinda meaningless because why would you submit if in the end you still struggle. i feel like it would be better if the function is to seduce the enemy to make him prone, teasing submissively (for players who prefers bottom MC), or to proc the oral scene. but overall the game is great and tbh, it turns me on.


How do you defeat the werewolf by oral?


When the werewolf dominates you, it picks a position at random, and one of those positions might be oral. All you have to do at that point is surrender!


so fun to playy!!


when will new update release ?

will there be female enemies ?

And, how to make the wolf suck my d*ck ?

Anyway the game is awesome !! :)

It's always hard to tell when I will have an update ready, but when I do I make sure to post it on Furaffinity and ping on Discord, so if you follow me there or join the server you'll know as soon as the update is ready!

As for female enemies, that's not currently in my plans. Maybe one day when the game is much more advanced, but that's not my focus at the moment.

I'm working on a new zone/fight, so the werewolf fight is probably not gonna change a lot in the next update, but I'll keep your idea in mind for when I come back to it ;)

Thank you for playing, and for your comment!


谢谢 :)

The discord invite has expired.

Should work better now? https://discord.gg/WuddnHV

Yep, thank you


I like the game, also maybe if you can show a picture of a character where like her belly is big or enemy or like a picture of a scene where like it shows what they do to you when you lose. I really like the game so far. It's just a suggestion but I hope to see it's update

That would be fantastic, but I couldn't draw to save my life haha

If I ever set up a Patreon, or donations or something I might be able to commission some artists, but the game would need to gain some popularity first... we'll see how things go!


Seems like an interesting premise so far, Very excited to see where this goes!


Thank you! I'm currently in the process of changing the engine so it's taking a bit more time than I would have liked, but you can expect an update pretty soon I hope!